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Getting started with PreRace is quick and easy!

You can add your event to our calendar in 1 step or open event registration in 4 simple steps.
1. Add your event to our event calendar and make it easy for your participants to find out about your event. Adding your event will also increase your Search Engine Optimization with the search engins such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
2. Setting up online event registration for your event is quick and easy. The wizard will walk you through 4 simple steps, such as the registration open and close dates as well as categories and fees.
3. Add options such as charitable fund raising, event questions, product sales, event waivers and much more when creating an event or you can add options anytime from the event's control panel.
Done! You are ready to have people sign up for your event and start taking payments.

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Features to help your event succeed.


When you use PreRace to manage your Event, some of the features include: email registered riders, sell race related products at the time of registration, reports and financial dashboard, anytime money transfers and more.


The PreRace Fee Structure is 4% + $1.50 per registrant. This matches or improves upon other event registration sites. Try our Fee Calculator to get an exact value of our fees based on the entry fee for your event. And by the way, free events are free.


Putting on a high quality event can be challenging. The PreRace staff can help you set up your event the way you want and give support along the way. We can help to white label your event page to make it look and feel the way you want.


A dedicated web page for your event means that your event will display in search results in search engines. The PreRace directory will display your event and show up for zipcode and keyword searches.
Create your own event!
Call us! 888-557-4020
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