Event Page Editing Help

Access Event Tool Bar

Your Logo is an important part of your events identity. When you add your logo to GetEvent.com it will not only show up on your event page, but it will also be use in various other places where your event is listed such as on the search page as well as other lists.

These are the steps to show your event page toolbar:
  1. You must be logged in to GetEvent.com.
  2. You must also be the person who added the event to GetEvent.com or you had it changed into your account.
  3. Go to the event page that you want to edit, if number 1 and 2 above are true then you will see a tool bar at the bottom of the page that looks like this.

Change the Hero Image

There are two images at the top of the event page. One is the Logo and the other in the background is the Hero Image.

These are the steps to add or change the Hero image:
  1. You must have access to your event Toolbar
  2. Click the "Customize Page" button and the navigation wil show up.
  3. Click "Add/Change Hero Image" and you will get a pop-up window with the image loader tools.
  4. If there is already an image on the page it will load into the window, you will want to remove that image to add another image in its place.
  5. Click the "Browse" button to select the image you want to upload. The higher the quality of the image the better. But it should be at least 1500px wide, to avoid loss of quality.
  6. The image will load with a light box over the image. Move or resize the light box by dragging the corner of the light box.
  7. **Hint** You will want the focal point of the image to be on the right side of the image so that it is not hidden behind the logo.
  8. Click the "Upload" button and you have a Hero Image. The size of the image may vary slightly depending on screen size.

Change Page Background

You can change the background of both the top of the page as well as the body of the page. You will only be able to change the background of the top of the page if you have no Hero image. You can select from the options and colors displayed below.

These are the steps to changing the background:
  1. You must have access to your event Toolbar
  2. Click the "Customize Page" button and the navigation will show up.
  3. Click the "Add/Change Page Style" and the style selection window will pop up.
  4. Select the background you would like and click "Update Page Style". The Hero background will not update if you have a Hero image already set.

Edit Page Information

Your Event page can be edited to best reflect your events information. The way this works is you have a main event and then there are sub-events within that main event. For example you may have the Weekend Run, and as part of the Weekend Run there is a 5k, 10k and Half Marathon. In this case there are three sub-events in the main event called Weekend Run.

To Edit your event follow these steps:
  1. You must have access to your event Toolbar
  2. Click the "Edit Event Details" button.
  3. The top part of the page is your Main Event information, fill out the required fields and add any other information that your participants will find helpful. This is an example of the top part of the page.
  4. The lower part of the page is the sub-event information that must be filled out even if you only have one part to the event or you can add as many sub-events as you would like. For example in bike racing those might be stages of an Omnium, or distances of a run, or in Triathlons it might be the Duathlon, Aquabike, and Triathlon.
  5. Some times an event will span over two or more days, such as if there is a Crit and Time Trial on Saturday and a Road Race on Sunday, or if it's a series that runs every wednesday night all summer. In those cases add each date as a sub-event.
  6. The map should be of the Start Line or where you want your participants to show up. It will update as you enter the address information, once you have entered the address, city, state, zip it should be accurate.
  7. Once you are done click the "Update" button and your event is now updated.

Add Images of your Event

Images can be added before or after your event. Before the event takes place you can add images of the course, or of last years participants. Once the event has taken place you can add more images of the participants or other great things about your event that people will want to see this year and next as they decide to sign up for your event.

Here is how to add images:
  1. Similar to access to your event Toolbar you will want to be logged in and have the event in your account.
  2. Find the Event photos box below the Event Information box. It will look like this if no images have been added, although it may be a different color depending on your background selection.
  3. Click the "Add images to this Event" button. It will take you to a page where you must set up your Gallery. You can use the Galleries to put your pictures in different groups. Such as phtos from before the event and photos from after the event. Or in the case of a triathlon you could have the photos from the run in the first Gallery and the photos from the bike in another.
  4. Click the "Add a Gallery" button, and you get a pop-up where you should enter the name of the Gallery. I like using the name of the event and a description in the name...such as Weekend Run 5k.
  5. You will then be taken to a page where you can select your photos. You can add many photos to be uploaded at once. When you press the select button and find the photos you want to add you can click the first one and then hold down the "Shift" button on your key board and click the last photo in the group you want to upload. Then click "Open" and the photos will start uploading automatically. You can delete them later if needed.
  6. Once the images have uploaded, they will be displayed on your event page...only 4 photos will show, and they are randomly selected from the available photos.

Renew your Event for this year or next year

This is an important tool because it allows you to add the following years event to your existing Event page. That means that the search engines already know where to find your event and they don't have to find a new link to your event. Similarly if someone bookmarked your page, or linked to it from their web site, the links and bookmarks will still work.

Follow these steps the renew your event:
  1. You must have access to your event Toolbar
  2. Click the "Renew Event" button then follow the instructions in Edit Page Information starting at #3.
  3. Once you are done entering the information, you are done. The previous years information will be stashed away in the dated tabs as seen below. The tabs also contain the sub-event information as entered in the Edit Page Information section.

Change the Owner of an Event

Lets say your surfing through GetEvent.com and come across your event, but you did not add it, and you want to update or edit it.
Your event may have been added by by us, because we thought it looked cool, or by someone else.

To change the event into your account here are the steps:
  1. Make sure you have an account at GetEvent.com and if you don't then create on by clicking the "Create an Account" link in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  2. Email us at hello@getevent.com and tell us the name of the event and the email address you used to create the account.
  3. We will make the switch for you and get back to you as soon as it is done. Then you can edit your event.

Sell Event Merchandise

Sell your event's merchandise to people looking at your event, and create your own Event Store.
You can sell last years left over t-shirts or the gear that goes with this years event. The event gear will show up on your event page. People can then purchase the products, you ship the product and we send you the funds. It is easy, stright forward and an effective way to sell your event gear.

Here is how to set up your event products:
  1. You must have access to your event Toolbar
  2. Click the "Sell Event Merchandise" in the toolbar, and it will take you to the Product manager screen.
  3. Click "Add Product". and it will take you to the following screen.
  4. Fill out the form with your Product's information, Click here for more information on the Price. Once that form is filled out click the "Inventory" tab.
  5. Now fill in the "Option" which is normally a size, or color, even if you only have one item you must enter an option, if its a pin then just write in pin. In the box next to it enter the Quantity of the items you have in stock. So if you have 5 medium t-shirts, the option would be Medium and the quantity would be 5. The max allowed purchase is optional. This will restrict people from buying more products a one time than you want them too. So if you only want people to be able to buy 1 t-shirt the max allowed purchase would be 1. Once you have added the option and quantity, click "Add", then do it again for other options until you are done.
  6. Next click the "Shipping" tab. If you only plan on handing out the product at your event click the "Distributed at Event" box, otehrwse click the shipping box and enter the cost of the shipping. For t-shirt a good number is $5.50 approximately because you can fit it in a USPS flat rate priority shipping box. But it's up to you to determin how much it will cost to ship your product.
  7. Next click the "Pictures" tab. Click "Browse" and find the image/images of your product. You can upload as many as you would like.
  8. Next click the "Availability" tab. Your event/s will be listed in the box and you will click the event/events for which you want the product to be displayed. You can sell all your products on all your events or if you want the one product to be sold on one event that works too. For example I put on the Sunshine Hill Climb and Weekend Run. I could have the Weekend Run t-shirts only showing on the Weekend Run page, and I could have the GetEvent.com t-shirt displaying on both the Sunshine Hill Climb and Weekend Run page.
  9. Now click "Create Product" and you will be taken to the "Product Manager" screen where you can add another product if desired.
  10. You can see the product that have sold and request to transfer your funds by going to your Control Panel.

Create Volunteer Sign-up

GetEvent's Volunteer Sign-up is a great way to have your volunteers sign-up, communicate with them, and manage the time slots that you will need help.
You can also click this link for more information on the volunteer sign-up program.

Below are the instructions to get started with a Volunteer sign-up program.
  1. You must have access to your event Toolbar
  2. Click the "Volunteer Program" button in the event page toolbar.
  3. Fill out the form to get started. then click "Next".
  4. The next screen asks you for the the Open date and close date of the program. Keep in mind that the time is Eastern, and preferably don't use 12:00am. So if you want to close you signup at midnight you are better off using 11:59pm, because 12:00am means the beginning of the day not the end.
  5. The next screen will list your events and you can select the event this volunteer sign-up corresponds to. If no events show up just click next.
  6. To add a job you will need to name it and give a description of what the job involves. You can optionally add restrictions to the job, such as there may be an age restriction if the job involves serving alcohol.
  7. You will need to click the "Edit Schedule" before being done. The Edit Schedule will allow you to assign the time and date of the job as well as the number of shifts.
  8. Once the schedule has been added you can click "Add this Job" and it gets placed in ght Jobs column on the right of the page and you are ready to add another job.
  9. Next you can add the text of a waiver you want your volunteers to agree to as they sign up, or that form can be left blank.
  10. Next you can add survey questions. These are questions you want the people signing up to answer, such as if you are giving out a t-shirt to all volunteer this is where you would ask them what size they wear.
  11. Once done with all survey questions click "next". In the following form you can add any information you would like to add to their confirmation email. Such as where to park or other event related information for the volunteers, like "Thanks for signing up."
  12. Last you get a summary screen and a "Create" button. Go ahead and create the volunteer program and you can always edit it afterwards. To manage your volunteer program goto your Control Panel.