Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost?

Registration can be free for the promoters. The processing fee can be split in the following ways:
  • - Added on top of the entry fee
  • - It can be included in the registration fee
  • - Split 50% to the promoter and 50% to the participants.'s fee is $1 per registration + the processing fee of 4% + $0.50

Entry fee = $30 total charged is $32.74
Entry fee = $100 total charged is $105.54

2. Is there a setup fee?

Absolutely not. You can either set up your event by yourself using our wizard or call us and we'll do it for you free of charge. Contact us toll free at 888-557-4020

3. Does my event need a web site?

No, but if you have a web site that's great, we will link to it and send traffic your way. If not, you can upload images and logos to our site that will show up on your event page.

4. What if my event is already on

We work hard to try to make sure every event is listed on our site, therefore your event may very well be on already. If this is the case, you can call us at 888-557-4020 and we will turn it over to you so you can edit it and add registration. You can also elect to simply add the event again with registration and we will delete our entry so there are not duplicate listings.

5. What information do I get from registration?

When you set up your event registration with you get a dashboard that gives you all relevant information about your event such as:
  • - Who has registered and all pertinent information.
  • - Ability to add coupons, print rosters, print filled out waiver forms such as USAC, ACA or any other forms you need.
  • - Access to download lists to a csv file to give to the chip timing company.
  • - Option to postpone or cancel your event, and it will email all registered participants
  • - Refund entries and assign bib numbers as well.

6. Can I add mail in registrations?

Yes. There is a manual entry form in the dashboard that is quick and easy to use. Utilizing the dashboard for all tasks helps keep your information in one place which is particularly helpful if you are using a chip timing company for results.

7. What happens if I have a registration question on a weekend, will there be someone to help?

Yes. Please feel free to call us at 888-557-4020. We pride ourselves on customer service at . If we are unavailable when you call, we will respond promptly.

8. I want my event participants to be happy with the company I choose for online registration. How can I ensure you feel the same way?

We at have hosted and attended races so we understand the level of service required to make your event a success. We will go out of our way to make sure that every participant has a great experience signing up for your event.

9. When does registration need to close?

That is up to you. We recommend that you close registration with enough time to print up the roster and any other information you need for the event. Depending on your setup, that could be up to an hour before the event starts or you could give it a day to be safe. We encourage you to test your setup so that there aren't any last minute glitches, like running out of printer ink or who knows what.

10. When do I get my money?

Whenever you want. Simply request the amount you want and we will send it your way either by PayPal, check, or wire transfer. You don't need to wait for scheduled payments. In your dashboard you will see your balance. We recommend leaving a little in the account until after the event in case you need to refund anyone but otherwise it's your money. Take it when you need it.

11. I want to sell some event related gear, can I do that on your site?

Most certainly.There is a store attached to registration and you can sell items related to your event,such as t-shirts, jersey, sock, bottles, etc.

12. My event is a charitable event. How would that work?

We have several features to help charitable events. People can donate in the name of a participant, you can set a total amount that each participant must donate, or you can have an entry fee and a donation as needed. Participants will be given a link to use when soliciting donations in their name. Or those wishing to give to your event can go to your page and donate directly to the event or select a participant's name.

13. Why would I want to use instead of one of the many other online registration companies out there?

We are friendly, happy and would love to work with you. We work hard to make sure you are happy with the service we provide. Our company is dynamic and flexible so if your event has any special need, we can make it happen. We have also put together this handy comparison chart to see some of the features we provide and how we stack up against a couple others.

14. Great, how do I get started?

You can either follow these steps or call us and we'll gladly help. Call us at 888-557-4020