Moab's Red Hot 55K Plus and 33K

Moab's Red Hot 55K Plus and 33K

Moab, UT

Feb 18, 2012

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Moab's Red Hot 50K Plus and 33K

Sep 15 2011, 2:00 am (Eastern)
Oct 16 2011, 6:55 am (Eastern)
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Feb 18 2012
Moab, UT

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Registration is Full again. Thanks.

Registration will re-open on October 1st, 6am Mountain Time. An additional 50 spots will open up for the 55K only.

There will be no waiting list, and you will not be allowed to switch from the 55K to the 33K.Race Registration re-opens October 1st, 6:00am! MST
Registration is full again. Thanks
55K: $80 until 11/30/2011; $90 until 1/1/2012; $95 until 1/15/2012
33K $70 until 11/30/2011; $80 until 1/1/2012; $85 until 1/15/2012

Race categories differ by age: Open is 18-39 years and Masters is 40 and up.

2012 Race Itinerary

Aid station: 5 fully stocked aid stations attended by Moab Friends For Wheelin 4 x 4 Club for 55K and 3 for 33K.

Drop Bags: Drop bags will be collected Saturday morning at the starting line, you must have them to the start no later than 6:30 am on Saturday.... Aid station attendants leave at 7:15 sharp! You must have your drop bags clearly marked with your name and which aid station # it goes to:

#1 - mile 6,
#2 - mile 13,
#3 - mile 17,
#4 - mile 21,
#5 - mile 28.

33K-No Drop Bags Allowed
33K- Aid Stations

#1 - 4.4 Miles
#2 - 8.1 Miles
#3 - 15 Miles

GrassRoots Events specializes in endurance trail races in the Moab area. Currently, GrassRoots Events directs two races, Moab’s Red Hot 50k/33k and the Amasa 6.5/9.5mile. These events take place in the beautiful red rock canyon country Moab, Utah, is famous for.

Our main goal is to preserve the small, tight, community feel endurance races have lost over the years. We are excited about the increased interest and participation in endurance races, but strive to maintain a family-of- friends feeling at our races. We hope you walk away from our events with a sense of belonging to a community of runners who truly respect and appreciate what long-distance trail running has to offer. Our races are designed to challenge you physically, mentally, and spiritually and hopefully, instill a desire to return in successive years.

GrassRoots Events may be a business, but we like to refer to it as an epic adventure to instill the passion we each have for trail running to those who participate in and attend our races. Remember, as so wisely stated by the most influential person in my life, my son, “…you can’t get lost on adventure,” Nemi Talli.

360 Moab Trail Running Adventures


Are you a road runner who's looking for a new challenge or a trail runner who has never experienced the unique challenges desert trail running offers?
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Moab's Red Hot 50K Plus and 33K

Feb 18 2012
Location: Moab, UT
Event Type: Ultra
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Posted by Bambino on Oct 01, 2011

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