Feb 7 2013

Promote Your Races and Events on the Internet

As a race director, few things are more important to you than having a full field of runners on race day. With full calendars and a multitude of recreational options available, it's vital that you use every tool available to promote your races and events on the internet.

Clearly, your website is a key component of this strategy. Your website contains vital information for runners, sponsors and community members. Information should be clear and detailed, and yet succinct enough to be easily read.

Many race directors are finding great value in using the social media tools of facebook, twitter and pinterest. Maintaining a presence on these services allows your information to be quickly shared with others, as well as a place for you to provide quick and vital updates.

Don't forget the value of maintaining a detailed email address list. This may still be the most comprehensive method to contact a lot of people with your newsletter or updates. Be sure to provide an easy opt-out method for those who no longer wish to receive your emails.

Even with all of those tools in place, you still need to be certain that people can find your website and internet presence.…
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Jan 17 2013

Using High School Volunteers to help Staff your Races and Events

More and more high schools are including a community service component as part of the requirements for graduation. While some of these students will end up picking up trash at the local beach or reading to children in the library, there may be some who want to help you staff your racing events. In fact, you may find your local high school to be a wonderful pool from which to draw your much-needed volunteers.

Certainly there are some cautions to consider (maturity, reliability, and transportation all come to mind!), but high school students are also eager to help out and make a difference in their community. If your race is a fundraiser for a worthy cause, you may find a brand new level of energy that you can tap into by recruiting high school students. Student volunteers might be particularly suited to help with publicity, fundraising, water tables, and clean up. When they find an area of service that is meaningful and fun, they'll want to help again for years to come!

If you're interested in student volunteers, you might contact the Athletic Director to begin to see what students might be particularly interested. Music and Art Teachers also have…
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Jan 10 2013

Be a Good Neighbor: Race directors help set the tone for community partnership.

The RRCA Code of Ethics says:

Race Directors should keep informed and be sensitive about how their event affects the community in which their event is held. Race Directors should share that information with their staff, event committee or interested persons. They should be sensitive to community needs and work in partnership to better the health and wellness of the community and not be disruptive to citizens.

With the race approaching, there are countless tasks to accomplish: registration, finances, volunteer recruitment, timing systems, t-shirts, sponsorships, etc. The list is endless! And yet, one of the most important jobs for race directors is to integrate and communicate with the host community.

Happy residents and community members will welcome your race back year after year. When they recognize the value of the race and any fundraisers, they will forgive the inconvenience caused by closed roads and excess traffic. But favor can quickly turn to ill-will when race routes are not well-marked or when lines of communication break down.

Consider these tips to help you be a good neighbor to your host community:

-Communicate early and often! Use local newspapers, signs, and flyers to communicate the race…
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Jan 4 2013

What's in store for 2013? Crazy Races Galore!

Races might get messy in 2013 but not the way race directors often expect. With race and event logistics running more smoothly than ever before, thanks to the tools and expertise of, fitness gurus and bloggers are predicting creative, and oft-times messy, trends in the race field.

Think zombie and gorilla costumes, racers doused in colorful paint, and obstacle courses inspired by the Hunger Games (less graphic and fun, of course). Experts say these niche 5k races will explode in 2013, perhaps inspiring never-before-seen race themes. The days of simple 5k races may have passed; what is behind this shift?

5k racers are a unique and diverse bunch – from families and philanthropists to new runners alongside seasoned athletes. These short races are typically open to anyone, anywhere. The format can be a simple running course or more complex obstacle course. Because of the diverse participants and diverse formats, 5k races are easily accessible and commonplace. Pick a weekend and there is bound to be at least one 5k race in your vicinity.

How does a race director make their event stand out? Fuzzy costumes, scary masks, colorful paint or goofy obstacles. The race is…
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Dec 28 2012

Leveraging Social Media For Your Events: Facebook

Promoting an event has always involved going to wherever your target audience is. Social media has made this process a little easier for event directors, but only if you know how to use it effectively. We’ve talked before about using LinkedIn and Twitter to promote your race and connect with other directors, so now we’ll move on to Facebook. With over a billion active users, you can bet that many of the people you’d like to reach are spending at least some of their time on this social media platform.

Sunshine Hill Climb

Facebook is fairly easy to navigate and it shouldn’t take long to set up your Event, as well as a separate Facebook Page for your event. You should start by creating your own personal Facebook account, if you don’t already have one. If you aren’t interested in using your account beyond the event promotion, you can set up your privacy settings so that other Facebook users won’t be able to see your profile.

Create a Facebook Event. From your home page, click on the “Events” tab off to the left of your screen. Then simply click “Create Event.” From there you…
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Dec 24 2012

Increase Event Product Sales With Online Registration

As a race director, you know that if you hold an event and only collect entry fees, you can only hope to break even. That’s why event product sales are so important. And you can increase sales by offering merchandise at the point of online registration.

Products Image

Event-related shirts, hats, water bottles and keychains are great reminders of the experience and accomplishment of completing a race. But when purchased beforehand, these items can help build excitement about the event. Some people even like to buy clothing for friends and family members to wear on the sidelines during the race.

There are several additional reasons why the best time to sell merchandise related to your event is not at the race itself, but when participants are signing up online:

It’s convenient. They already have their credit card in their hand, and they won’t be distracted by the day’s activities or discouraged by long lines.

It’s easier for participants. These days, most people are comfortable with the process of making purchases online, and if you sell your merchandise at the point of registration they can do everything with one transaction.

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Dec 12 2012

Leveraging Social Media For Your Events: Twitter

Twitter Logo

Social media isn’t just one way to promote events--it should be at the top of your priority list. These days, many people get almost all of their information online, and specifically through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. More about Facebook soon, but today let’s focus on using Twitter to let people know about your race, enhance their experience, and even gather valuable feedback.

If you think Twitter is just a bunch of people telling the world what they ate for breakfast, think again. Twitter has become a place where people with common interests connect and sometimes even get together in real life. It’s a way for companies to reach out to their customers and for those customers to make their voices heard by businesses.

Think of Twitter as an opportunity to start a conversation about your event. Once you start that conversation it is easier for people to share the information with their friends, and for participants to interact with each other.

First things first. Setting up a Twitter account is simple and quick. You can link to your event’s website and its listing on PreRace. You can also connect…
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Dec 6 2012

Let handle your registration services.

The logistics of developing an outdoor endurance events are daunting. Remove that burden by contracting with for your event registration, volunteer and marketing needs.

PreRace can handle all of your registration needs and get your event out to a much broader audience, bringing in interested athletes from all over the country, leaving you to focus on creating a top notch event for your community. PreRace can collect your registration fees as well as donations for your event and provide up-to-the minute information regarding time changes or venue changes. Registration fees are transferred immediately by wire transfer or check so your event money is available when you need it, not on someone else’s schedule.

PreRace can also market your event apparel and gear creating an additional source of revenue. Your event product can stay linked in our online inventory as long as you’d like or while supplies are available to accommodate even the worst of procrastinators.

Along with your event registrations, PreRace can make your event waivers available prior to your event as well as assign bib numbers. You can also generate coupons for your event. With our interactive software you can see and compare how your…
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May 8 2012

Are you interested in a 10% discount to Colorado companies? This is a great opportunity for Race Directors across the country...

Introducing the Colorado Package!

Our brand new Colorado Package creates a one-stop package involving Colorado based companies providing event director's and athletes with discounts to Colorado brands!

The Colorado package is available to all event director's who use the PreRace registration system. is a Colorado based online event Registration Company. We live, work, and play here, so naturally we want to partner with local companies and organizations.

We work with event directors during your planning stages and our partnerships will help at a time when you are making key decisions.

Become a part of the Colorado package and receive a 10% discount to the following vendors. It’s that easy! RaceRite Timing, Panache Cycling apparel, The Right Stuff, Threaded Ink Media, Boulder Blimp Company, Honey Stinger, Boulder Running Company & Recofit Sports.

Contact us at or 888.557.4020 and mention the Colorado Package. This is a great offer that you just can't refuse! You know Colorado has the best products to offer!

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Feb 10 2012

Bike better without riding your bike!

‘Cross Training’, there, I said it! Now I vow to drop the cliché and substitute in some wholesome ‘exercise’ to make you fit, get strong and use your body. Hey, the surgeon general recommends it; so let’s get to it! Its time to take advantage of this unique time of the year where you can stop worrying about your watt per kg and instead, use your amazing surroundings to tax your body in new, invigorating, challenging and highly effective ways!


If you have snow, hike in it. Get out there in your Sorel boots and spend an hour hiking up a mountain, through a forest or along the river. You can turn snow hiking up a notch with snow shoes. Snow shoes allow you to trudge through deep and light snow with more confidence in your foot plant; plus you can run and sometimes even float down hills with amazing speed. Look for a local snowshoe race. Some friends and I discovered a 20 mile snowshoe event a few weeks ago. It took me 4hrs and 45 minutes to run and trek through 20 miles of deep fluffy snow on mountain terrain. It was an unbelievable event…
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Dec 13 2011

Volunteer Logic: The Solution to Volunteer Needs by

Create a volunteer registration for your event in minutes.

• Simple set up
• Unlimited number of jobs
• Fully Customizable volunteer time schedules
• Create role specific restrictions

(for example, drivers’ license number for any volunteer that operates a vehicle)

Create Volunteer Jobsa on the Fly

  • Simple Sign Up

    • No accounts needed!
    • Simple click to pick multiple job opportunities
    • Descriptions of each role available for volunteers to read

    Volunteer SIgn Up

  • Complete Management and Reporting

    • Manage and report on all aspects of your volunteers from the back end.
    • Full .csv of all volunteers signed up for your event
    • Edit all roles, time slots, and volunteers on the fly
    • Custom questions, for example, shirt sizes

    Calendar View of Schedule

  • Easy Communication

    • Communicate with volunteers simply and as often as you like
    • Specify which volunteers receive communication by roles and dates

    Volunteer Communication Tools

    Want to use Volunteer Logic by PreRace free of charge in 2012?

    Contact us by calling 888.557.4020 or email at

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    Dec 13 2011

    PreRace+ Applications and Invitations Tool

    Why use the Applications/Invitations tool?

    • It makes it very easy for the event director to control the number of people in the event and whom they let in to the event.
    • It is very easy for the participant to sign up. They only have to enter their information and select a category once.
    • There is very little attrition, the process is very streamlined and only asks for information once so too many steps don’t turn off people.


    How does the Applications/Invitations tool work?

    • We set up the event registration to allow Applications and Invitations.

    • To invite participants the event director can upload a spreadsheet with the email address of people they want to invite, or enter them one by one, and an email is sent to each recipient with registration instructions.

    • The recipient of the email clicks a link in the email and it moves them straight into the registration process and they are on the final event roster.

    • Everyone else who wants to register for the event goes through the web site and registers normally, but they are put into an…
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    Dec 7 2011

    White Labeling: The Next Generation of Online Registration

    What is White Labeled Registration?

    You've worked hard on your logo, website, and all aspects of the image your event portrays. Your sponsors appreciate their exposure, and you want to ensure your event is worth their investment. But what if you could easily create more brand recognition and provide more to attract sponsors at no cost?

    PreRace's White Labeled Registration service emulates your site's look and feel while utilizing our state-of-the-art platform and tools.

    When participants click “Register” from your site, they will enter the registration process that has your branding with your event's logos and sponsors. In most cases, participants don't even know they've left the site. White Label Registration gives your event added credibility and professional appearance. It also gives more guaranteed exposure for your sponsors, which is a strong selling point when looking for partners.


    Customized Confirmation Emails

    Confirmation emails provide highly efficient email marketing for you and your affiliates. Open rates for PreRace confirmation emails hover in the 90% range. Compare that to national average in the 20% range for most email marketing, and you have something powerful to offer potential partners.

    Why not take advantage…
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    Nov 18 2011

    Get out there and enjoy the weekend

    Get Out
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    Oct 30 2011

    Boulder Racing: New Look, New Owners, Same Great Events!

    For those new to competitive bike racing Boulder Racing was founded in 1999 by Brian Hludzinski and over the next decade built the company into Colorado's leader in cycling event production. Over the years Boulder Racing become known for organized operations, professionally designed courses, stellar venues, and fun atmospheres for the whole family. At the end of 2010 Brian met the Panigutti brothers of Without Limits Productions. Without Limits, with its roots in triathlon production, dabbled in the cyclocross scene back in 2009 when it rolled out CYCLO X Boulder. Most missed the frigid event, but those who braved the 12 fresh inches of powder experienced one of the first chip timed cyclocross races, complete with lap times. The weather didn’t weaken their resolve and passion for cyclocross production, which quickly caught the attention of Brian a few months later. The younger brother Lance commented after, “sure we lost money, but we got to play in the dirt with a bobcat for a week! Our goal was to show the possibilities of chip timing, which we achieved. Combine that with any chance you get to play with excavators and it’s a win in our book!”

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    Oct 12 2011

    Race Director’s Guide To Developing Relationships And Keeping Them

    I was very fortunate to have landed a new job as the “Run Series Assistant” in Highlands Ranch, CO back in 2006. It was an easygoing part time gig where I enjoyed my work and had minimal stress.I spent the next year learning the dos and don’ts of being an effective race director.

    The Highlands Ranch Series started with 6 races. As the years went by the series expanded- a duathlon, kid’s race, triathlon-training programs, run clubs, and Olympic distance triathlons were added to the offerings. The part time, stress free gig became a full time, full-scale operation with 20 events each year. This is when the fun began.

    One of the most important factors in establishing the series and keeping it alive and thriving was building relationships. Not only did this help with sponsorship solicitation, but also with attaining volunteers, etc.

    Adding this personal touch is a good point all around for being a reputable race director. Compassion and understanding goes a long way and will make race participants come back every year to your race. Treating your volunteers, sponsors, police officers, timers and race participants with respect and gratitude will be…
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    Sep 29 2011

    Event Consultation Now Offered Through

    Team members Kristi Fitzgerald and Faye Stech have been working in the racing industry as race directors for running, multisport, and cycling races, in addition to work as Best Practice Consultants for quite a few years. They are both USA Triathlon Certified Race Directors with unique ideas and industry knowledge.

    They will provide you with necessary tools to assist in the planning and organization of your race, to ensure a successful event. These tools include setting up online race registration to posting race results. If you’d like more support, they can attend your race and evaluate your processes, offer tips and tricks of the trade, and answer questions in detail about your specific race.

    Faye and Kristi are efficient in working with municipalities for permitting, as well as sanctioning. Both are experts in safety protocol and communication tools for before, during, and after your event. They can assist you through your race planning as a whole, or just help you with one part of the race you’d like to perfect.

    Pricing for an initial consultation starts at $100 for an hour consultation and packet. Any additional time will be an extra hourly charge. Please…
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    Sep 29 2011 Partners with the United States Snowshoe Association and Snowshoe Magazine to Capture the Snowshoe Racing Event Marketplace

    The United States Snowshoe Association (USSSA) has partnered with to provide membership management, online event registration, and marketing services in preparation for the 2012 Dion USSSA National Snowshoe Championships, regional qualifiers and state snowshoe racing championships.

    “As a sport, the potential of snowshoe racing is limitless,” said Founder Jorge Espinoza. “In general, snowshoeing is great for winter cross training. It’s ideal for runners, cyclists and triathletes. We’re very excited about this partnership and the exposure it will gain for the sport.”

    The sport of snowshoe racing has seen steady growth over the past several years. Since 2004, the USSSA has been campaigning to have snowshoe included as an Olympic sport. The USSSA expects that the partnership will help facilitate new growth through’s membership management system, and it will help increase exposure to the thousands of old and new athletes that participate in the sport.

    “In order for snowshoe racing to become an official Olympic sport, it requires major sponsorship and media involvement," said Mark Elmore, sports director for the USSSA. “This partnership is just another step in that direction. joins several new sponsors that are supporting the USSSA and…
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    Sep 29 2011

    New Features For

    Here are some of our frequently asked questions…

    Can you help us attract sponsors?

    YES, we can arm you with added value and more return for your sponsors through confirmation email advertising. Confirmation emails have over a 100% open rate, meaning participants go back and look at these emails. This offers amazing exposure for your sponsors and is a great selling tool we provide our Event Directors free of charge.

    My event is a fundraiser, how will help us increase donations?

    We have developed three separate fundraising tools for events looking to encourage donations. The key is ensuring people have the opportunity to donate at their convenience, so we had donation options during the registration process, through individual participant donation pages, or through the event donation pages. also offers full reporting on all donations, by rider and donor. Storing this information allows you to thank donors as well as reach out to them in years to come. It also allows you to see which participants are pulling in the most funds for your organization.

    Tell me more about how I am attracting participants.

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    Sep 29 2011

    Event Sponsorships Available For 2012 Races is looking to sponsor select races in 2012 as a thank you to race directors for making a success. Our goal is to sponsor as many races as possible, but we do have a limited budget, so apply early for a better chance to be selected.

    If your event has 3 or 30,000 participants, if it’s for fun or for charity, if it’s all women or co-ed, we can't wait to hear from you! Let us know about your event by clicking here. We would love to talk to you about the cash sponsorship package, which can be used at your discretion.

    All event directors are encouraged to apply by filling out a short form, which we will review and respond to. Even if your event isn’t until late next year you should apply and get the process started. We are interested in working with endurance sports events such as XC-Skiing, cycling, running, triathlon, adventure races, stand-up paddleboard, you name it. Direct your questions to

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    Sep 29 2011

    Leveraging Social Media WIthout Being Intimidated By It

    Do you wish there was a way to connect with your fellow race directors and vendors that is simple and secure? LinkedIn has all that and more! From groups like “Race Directors” and “Ironman Athletes”, to “Sports Industry Network” and “Sports Marketing and PR Pros”, LinkedIn has thousands of ways to connect. All you have to do is sign up and search for the group you want.

    Let’s look at the “Race Director” group. This group is designed to connect race directors to each other to share ideas, ask questions, and give advice people in your area. In addition, the group allows you to connect with vendors and sponsors easily. Connect now by clicking here.

    Another great feature of the site is its security measures. In order to connect with you, the connection needs to prove having worked with you or knowing you personally by entering in your valid email address. This is just one way that LinkedIn goes the extra steps to ensure your privacy. also allows you to search for your colleagues easily. As mentioned, you will need an email to invite them to connect. This is another way…
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    Aug 31 2011

    Kristi Fitzgerald and Faye Stech Join the Team

    Kristi Fitzgerald
    Kristi Fitzgerald lives in Highlands Ranch, CO. She moved to Colorado from Connecticut 6 years ago. Kristi entered the triathlon and running industry in 2005 when she was hired as the Race Director for the Highlands Ranch Race Series with the Highlands Ranch Community Association. She worked hard to grow the Series from 6 events to 20 events. This included mountain biking, duathlons, kid's triathlons, running events and triathlons. She also managed the Run Club, Triathlon Club, Girls on the Run, Crossfit and numerous other programs for the Community Association.

    Kristi has been racing for the last 4 years, including triathlons, duathlons, mountain bike races and half marathons. Her very favorite thing to do is to ride her bike and spend time with her family and friends. She also enjoys snowboarding, running, music and playing soccer. Kristi is very happy to be working for She sees tremendous growth and a great future with this company.

    Click here to contact Kristi

    Faye Stech
    Faye Stech is a graduate of Iowa State University (Go Cylcones!), but is native to Colorado. She comes to us from USA Triathlon, a…
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    Jun 29 2011

    Event Promoter: John Oliva of Explore Adventure Sports

    We have event directors and adventure travel guides in our audience. However, there are very few who do both. Is this diversity an advantage your business or a pursuit of passion?
    I started out with leading adventure travel tours to Nepal in 1995. By 1998 I started Explore Adventure Sports. It made sense as a next logical step for me. Then I was approached by the Boulder Backroads Marathon and asked to be a course director. That is where the event management side started for me, and it just kind of built from there. It is nice to have diversity in what I do since the volume of each can change from year to year.

    When it comes to Event Production, your resume is stacked with high profile events. If you had to point to one thing that has led to your success, what would it be?
    Word of mouth spreads quickly, bottom line. I put on some local events in Boulder that went off well. When organizers with these events were collaborating with other event directors in other places, they brought up my name. I found that location did not matter much as…
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    Jun 22 2011

    Without Limits Productions: The Panigutti brothers, Lance and Tony

    Without Limits is still a young company, but you have seen consistent growth in the numbers at your events. What are the top factors you can attribute to the popularity of your events?
    (Lance) STYLE! Our core philosophy has been to be the revolution in event production that as athletes we had always desired to see. Many races had a cookie-cutter dullness to them, and Colorado was ripe for some fresh energy. During our many years as participants, we could easily find ways to streamline races and amp up the fun factor. Race affordability was the top of the list. Whether it’s a sprint, Olympic, or Half Iron Distance triathlon, I guarantee our entry fee is the most affordable around. It is not to say, however, that we are just the “cheap option.” Just like “Virgin Cola,” we shouted, “we can do it better, with more style, and be the people’s champion!” From day one our thinking has been “outside the box” in every regard. For example, when you cross the finish line at XTERRA Lory or the Harvest Moon Half you cool off with a cruise down a giant 30ft long Slip n’…
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    Jun 15 2011

    Nashville's Event Promoter: Tim Hall

    Ben Ross

    You've manage to turn your passion in to a full time gig. It's a big leap that many would like to attempt, how did you make this happen without having to move in to a cardboard box under a bridge?

    Many life factors played into the decision to go full-time as a collegiate cycling coach. First off, I was without any debt obligations hanging over my head controlling my opportunities. I could afford to cut my pay significantly and continue to live as I had previously. Second, I had already experienced a life changing event in 2002 that required me to scale back quite a bit, so living within my means was already a daily habit. If I had a family, a mortgage or a bunch of credit cards then there’s no way it could have happened. Most have experienced hardship only within the last couple of years due to the economy, but I began that painful evolution back in 2001. This head start has opened up countless doors for me to consider. Therefore, when the coaching job at Cumberland University opened up in 2005 I immediately went after the position.

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    Jun 8 2011

    An Interview with Jason Berry

    Your most recent film, Chasing Legends, was a major undertaking. What were you most proud of with this film? Also, what do you wish you would have changed?

    With Chasing Legends, I was most proud of finishing the project honestly, properly. I called Kenny one morning in January 2009 and talked to him about a possible rematch between Gordo and Eatough but the more we talked about it the more I didn't like the idea. It would only reach our same audience and I wanted to go bigger. I am in a constant state of pushing myself and 24 Solo Deux wasn't enough of a challenge. I said, "What about the Tour?" and he said "Do you realize what you're talking about? Where would we get the money?" I somehow talked him into a second mortgage and I liquefied my retirement savings. Self-funded, with no inside connections to the stars and heroes of the sport - the challenges were immense. But we left no stone unturned, we worked insanely hard and I feel we properly reflected all aspects of the Tour in a creative and entertaining way.

    People tend to have a love or…
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    Jun 1 2011

    Tracy McKay of BLKMRKT-Racing

    BLKMRKT: "Man, that was in '93! I didn't have the internet to promote the race, no website, just flyers in the bike shops and fax machines to send the word out! The race was a hit, we had about 35 participants for each our 3 races which was strong!

    PRERACE:: So what happened?

    BLKMRKT: I had no idea that Mtb Racing would be such a hit! I was focussed on paying bills, racing triathlons and well, sometimes life gets ahold of you and you go off in another direction and 'BLKMRKT-RACING' went underground... it just disappeared...

    PRERACE: So were you racing all these years?

    BLKMRKT: Yeah, I got the bug and raced all the time, started a coaching business and later raced ultra distance securing 3 state records and racing RAAM 2x.

    PRERACE: So why after all these years are you bringing BLKMRKT-RACING out of hiding?

    BLKMRKT: We all race for personal reasons and I understand how these events serve us individuals... They are opportunities to improve our sense of self. When we choose to challenge ourselves in these ways, ( in endurance events ) we are forced to be introspective. Hopefully we find something out about…
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    May 25 2011

    A Nice Ride in Colorado

    Nice Ride
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    May 13 2011

    First Women's Only Triathlon Shop


    Tell me a little bit about the concept behind Tri Bella?
    TriBella is truly the world’s first “Women’s ONLY” dedicated multisport retail store. TriBella was born out of the need for competitive and recreational female cyclists, runners, and swimmers to finally have their own store. Traditionally, all triathlon retail shops start as bike shops which predominantly cater to men. TriBella is different in that we start as a specialty multisport apparel store, and offer bicycles and bicycle services. 80% of our business is based on providing the apparel needs that women have such a difficult time locating anywhere but on the internet. TriBella will be a place where women can come to learn about equipment and apparel. It is also a place where they will always be made to feel welcome in a non intimidating environment. TriBella will focus heavily on the social elements of multisport activity. Women definitely take all 3 sports seriously, but they seem to have more fun when they can participate and compete alongside a group of their best friends.

    What is your background and past experience in the industry?
    I started in the bicycle business…
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    May 11 2011

    Training 101

    Basic Principles/Concepts for Training

    Sports Specificity
    To run better you must train like a runner, ditto for swimming or biking. There is some crossover but ultimately, no great runner got better by cycling all the time or vice versa.

    To cycle fast you must train fast. IE to run at 5:00min/mile pace you must run at that pace. You can do all the 7:00 min miles you want but ultimately you must run at your race intensity.

    Your total weekly mileage/volume will build your aerobic base, resistance to injury, and allow you to do more. Train more to do more, it is that basic.

    3 days a week minimum per sport. If less than that you will always be in the process of training and then deconditioning. Up to 6 to 7 days a week is fine if you build up to that, just remember to have a weekly rest or active recovery day.

    The new focus in training concepts is recovery. We are just beginning to see how important it is to recover immediately after hard efforts. Make sure you hydrate, rest, and have adequate nutrition especially carbohydrates after…
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